Selling Purpose Designed Equipment to Improve Lean Manufacturing Assembly Areas

Faith Anderson


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College Education

Bachelor of Science, Augsburg College

Year started at FlexMation


Professional Affiliations

National Association of Credit Management Certified Credit Executive

Describe what you do in 6 words or less:

Manage financial & HR operations of FlexMation

What’s your favorite part about life at FlexMation?

That we have awesome customers and we have the opportunity to develop meaningful working relationships with them.

Where do you see manufacturing headed in the future?

I’m glad to see some of the offshore manufacturing migrating back to the States. I anticipate seeing more manufacturers developing job-training partnerships with higher education facilities to fill the need for trained specialists. The Internet of Things is intriguing and offers exciting possibilities.

If you could spend an hour talking with anyone, from any time period, who would it be?

My great-great-uncle, who immigrated alone as a young boy from Sweden during the 2nd Industrial Revolution (the mid-1800s) by stowing aboard a new steamship. I’d like to hear about the changes he experienced in his industry and how he was able to become a highly-skilled machinist, mechanic and inventor with no schooling.

Words of wisdom:

From my father: “Take your time to do it right the first time.”

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