Selling Purpose Designed Equipment to Improve Lean Manufacturing Assembly Areas

Error-Proofing Technology

When it comes to manufacturing, it’s always important to seek improvements. After all, a customer never complained about having a better product! Error-proofing technology can make sure that you build your products better and faster.

Benefits of Error-Proofing Technology

Error-Proofing Products & Systems

Benefits are great, but first, you have to make a decision. How do you determine what products or systems are the best choices for you? The best approach is to examine your company’s specific problems and consider these options:

Pick-to-Light (P2L)

Computer shows the Lightning Pick tool and the various boxes as part of its process.This system helps employees quickly find a small number of items when there are many SKU’s (25-1500) located across a lengthy storage area (4ft – 40ft). Indicator lights direct operators to the appropriate picking bins, which yields the following benefits

How a P2L System Works:

Light Guided Assembly System (LGS)

LGS can help employees pick a subset of the available parts from various onboard manual assembly workstation bins. Some benefits of an LGS include:

How an LGS Works:

Digital Assistance Validation System (DAVS)

lady smiles as she uses the Smart KlausDAVS are used for incoming inspection, counting, sorting and manual assembly stations. The system and software can show detailed work instructions along with images of the desired work to be performed. Some benefits of using a DAVS include:

How a DAVS Works

System Comparison


System Comparison




Production Process Capabilities:Training processNYY
Production Process Capabilities:Incoming inspection processNNY
Production Process Capabilities:Kitting processNYY
Production Process Capabilities:Assembly processNYY
Production Process Capabilities:Inspection verificationNyY
Production Process Capabilities:Final inspection processNNY
Production Process Capabilities:Quality Assurance processNNy
Workflow Management:Interactive Work InstructionsNYY
Workflow Management:Work Flow SequenceNYY
Workflow Management:Work Flow StandardizationNYY
Workflow Management:Automatic ValidationNNY
Workflow Management:Time TrackingNYY
Workflow Management:Pace ManagementNYy
Workflow Management:Productivity TrackingNYY
System Attributes:Software includedNYY
System Attributes:Hardware included
System Attributes: » Bin Indicator LightsYNN
System Attributes: » ControllerNYY
System Attributes: » TouchscreenNYY
System Attributes: » Projection ModuleNYN
System Attributes: » Handtracking ModuleNYN
System Attributes: » Digital CameraNNY
System Attributes: » LED LightNNY
System Attributes: » Laser LightNOPTIONOPTION
System Attributes:Programming requiredYYY
System Attributes:Create/Manage User groupsNYY
System Attributes:Capture Work Performance MetricsNYy
System Attributes:Capture Work Flow ImagesNYY
System Attributes:Capture Part verificationNNY
System Attributes:Hand-trackingNYN
System Attributes:Configurable I/ONYY
System Attributes:Bar code integrationNYY
System Attributes:Production Tool IntegrationNYY
System Attributes:Error InterruptionNYY
System Attributes:Capture Error RecordingNYY
System Attributes:Product TraceabilityNNY
System Attributes:ZERO Defect StationNNY
System Attributes:NetworkableYYY
System Attributes:Import OrdersNYY
System Attributes:Augmented RealityNYY
System Attributes:I 4.0NYY
System Attributes:Cost$$ - $$$$$$$$ - $$$$$$$ - $$$$$

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