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How to Optimize Incoming Goods Inspection

Reducing Errors in the Incoming Goods Inspection Stage of Assembly

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Do you hate rework? Of course, you do. It’s frustrating, to say the least! Time, resources and money are wasted when companies need to fix errors made during the manufacturing process. 

3 Key Areas of Error-Reduction in Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing methodology can be applied to most companies to improve safety, wellbeing, productivity and workflow. For eliminating rework, it’s important to focus on three areas: 

  1. Incoming Goods Inspection
  2. Assembly Assistance
  3. Final Inspection

In this article, we’ll discuss how Smart Klaus technology can be used to improve Incoming Goods Inspection.

Quality Assurance at the Source

One of the best features of Smart Klaus is that it can ensure your manufacturing process is solid right from the start — by inspecting the incoming parts and components before assembly.

Yes, the system can automatically identify parts, ensure they have no defects, count them and register with your system. And it does this without scanning a barcode or any other type of code.

How it Works at a Glance

The process could be described with complex technical explanations. But when looking at the big picture from a user perspective, it can be simplified in three steps:

Your Manufacturing Process Reaps the Benefits

Ultimately, you’re looking to improve your manufacturing methods. Here’s how Smart Klaus helps make that happen in the incoming goods inspection phase:

Get Custom Solutions For Better Assembly Areas

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