Selling Purpose Designed Equipment to Improve Lean Manufacturing Assembly Areas

Lean Visual Management Tools

Orgatex lean visual management tools includes color coordinated tabs, folders, tapes, and management boards.

Clear, concise communication is key for production and distribution areas. Work areas are often noisy, not allowing for verbal communications. This can be distracting to employee distractions, which can be hazardous.

Orgatex products can improve the flow of information, materials and people. It also makes it easy to tell what goes where and what’s going on, at a glance, without distracting anyone from their work. Use them to create a visual factory, boost your 5S efforts and improve the looks and function of your work area:

Kanban/Heijunka Tools

Material Management Tools

Visual Management Equipment

Much like our selection of ready-to-use visual tools, our custom visual management equipment is designed to improve communication, boost your 5S efforts and organize your production areas (or office… or break room…):

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Custom Designed Equipment to Improve Lean Manufacturing

At FlexMation, we aim to be trusted partners. Allies who advance your manufacturing performance. Simply put: We help you do your job better, safer, faster and smarter.

We create beautiful custom workstations, FIFO racks, carts and other equipment to improve productivity and safety in manufacturing, industrial and high-tech environments. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you get there. Ready? Let’s build.

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