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7 Reasons Why Aluminum Process Enclosures Are So Popular

Process enclosures are designed to contain and prevent contamination at testing stations. They can also confine machine, robotic, or laser processes and come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet specific needs similar to machine safety guards and controlled environments, enclosure boxes are essential for safety and efficiency and serve a variety of needs,…
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Exploring the Advantages of Industrial Gravity Flow Racks

Flow racks have proven to be a highly effective tool for optimizing and modernizing essential tasks, such as inventory management, order picking, and part picking. Companies that have implemented flow racks have experienced increased productivity, effortless organization of packages and parts, and a smoother production process, even in the face of supply chain challenges. As…
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Computer shows the Lightning Pick tool and the various boxes as part of its process.

How Does Error-Proofing Technology Boost Your Accuracy and Efficiency?

In the world of lean manufacturing, seeking ways to constantly improve is crucial. That’s where error-proofing technology can ensure that your products are built more efficiently and accurately. Eliminating product defects through error-proofing can also result in numerous business benefits, such as improved production output and quality predictability, decreased scrap rates, less redundant and rework…
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unique customized work stations with drawers or sorters or belts, you name it!

Why Use Height-Adjustable Workbenches in Your Lean Manufacturing Processes?

Did you know that involving manufacturing and material handling have a higher risk of job-related injuries? These injuries not only impact the workers involved but also harm the company’s success. While most lean manufacturers take steps to boost productivity and safety, shop floors in warehouses and facilities might not always reach those goals. However, by…
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Unex storage parts and picking systems

5 Ways How Gravity Flow Racks Improve Lean Manufacturing

Whether you call them pallet flow, gravity, supermarket, or FIFO, racks used in lean manufacturing processes are meant to improve material flow. Flow racks can be an inventory management game changer if your company must restructure its manufacturing processes to reach optimization goals. Whether you’re trying to free up more floor space for your products…
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Increase Productivity and Reduce Waste with Tugger Machines

The ethos behind lean manufacturing is to create eco-friendly working environments that produce high-quality equipment and products while using less energy. This strategy, which helps reduce waste pollution, has been adopted by many industries over the years. With more manufacturers embracing the lean manufacturing philosophy, it has led lean thinkers to devise alternative ways to…
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The Advantages of Aluminum Framing Over Steel Framing

Whether you’re building a single custom work cell or a safety guard at your facility, having a well-built structural frame is crucial. And when it comes to frames, aluminum framing is one of the most popular and cost-effective materials to consider. But what are the advantages of using aluminum extrusion systems over alternatives like steel?…
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The Numerous Benefits of Quality Machine Guarding

  In the world of industrial manufacturing, one simple truth holds true: safety is crucial. That’s because moving machine parts can potentially cause severe workplace injuries like burns, crushed fingers, broken hands, blindness, and even amputations. In 2020, 196,140 injuries due to contact with objects and equipment were so severe that workers had to take…
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Visit FlexMation at MinnPack 2022!

Come Visit FlexMation at MinnPack 2022! Exciting news—FlexMation will be attending the 2022 MDM/MinnPack show at the Minneapolis Convention Center from November 2nd-3rd! We’ll be located in Booth #1809 and will be showcasing showing Bosch’s new functional profile system. We’ll also be showcasing workstations along with products from Movvex, Orgatex, and Hovmannd. About FlexMation We aim to…
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Thoughts About “That 8020 Stuff”

“That 8020 stuff” is something I hear a lot when people are referring to t-slotted aluminum extrusions. T-slotted aluminum extrusions are a popular means to make almost anything industrial duty ranging from fixtures and frames to guards to workstations. Flip through pretty much any trade magazine and you will likely come across a picture showing…
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