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What Can A Trolley Lift? 5 Different Things

5 Things Lifting Trolleys Can Help You Move

Lifting trolleys (or lifting carts) are extremely valuable in a variety of work environments. They combine powerful lifting ability (starting at 150 lbs.) with easy movement to help manage a variety of different loads.

You want to make sure you keep your crew happy, healthy, and productive? A great start is to increase their lifting capabilities while reducing their back strain. Hovmand lifting trolleys can help you make that happen.

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1) Rolls

Paper, wrapping material, foam, and other materials that come in rolls can be lifted with ease. Learn more here.

2) Drums, Buckets & Canisters

Drums are large and cumbersome, which makes lifting them a struggle. Lifting trolleys can have drum lifter attachments to make lifting, tilting, rotating, and moving them a breeze.

When it comes to hauling small items like buckets, the constant repetition can be rough on a person’s back even if the buckets aren’t terribly heavy.

Lifting trolleys can utilize attachments such as straps, electric grippers, and crane arms to make transporting buckets quick and easy. Learn more here.

Finally, lifting trolleys can haul canisters and assist with the refilling process, which is especially helpful to keep employees safe from potentially hazardous materials.

3) Crates/Containers

You may think transporting and stacking crates is only in manufacturing or warehouse environments. However, many office and retail employees could also use a hand with crates.

Using a lifting cart allows the employee to fluidly move and stack containers on pallets or numerous other locations. Lifting carts for crates can help makes stocking items quick, efficient, and painless.

4) Bowls

If you’ve ever worked in a bakery or a kitchen, you’re well aware that large mixing bowls are constantly being relocated, tipped, cleaned, and more. Your employees are there to cook and bake, not train for a bodybuilding competition. Lifting carts can be used to make it easy to lift, move, and clean bowls. Learn more here.

5) Tires

Car tires are deceptively heavy. They may seem easy to move around, but their awkward shape can lead to jerky movements and there’s serious potential for damaged spines.

Lifting trolleys can be used to not only transport tires but can also be used in the process of assembling them. Learn more here.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how lifting trolleys can improve productivity and increase employee health, we’d be glad to help you.

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