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5 Workstation Setups to Suit Your Lean Manufacturing Needs

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Custom-made workstations allow you to limit the workspace surface to only what is necessary. You may think that having a larger working surface limits productivity, but the opposite is true. In fact, small industrial desks encourage problem-solving and proper tool storage. But that’s not all – custom workstations can also help foster warehouse cooperation, boost production efficiency, and even reduce the chance of accidents happening.

That may leave you wondering, “What are some of the most useful workstation setups to use?” At FlexMation, we craft custom industrial workstations that meet your unique needs. Here are just a few of the most popular and useful setups we build for our clients.

1. Stand-Up Stations for Better Ergonomics

Standing workstations are designed to create a more comfortable and ergonomic work environment for employees. Studies show that standing while working reduces stress and the risk of injuries while also increasing productivity. While they have long been used in manufacturing industries, they are now gaining popularity in offices as well.

When you work with FlexMation, you can create stand-up workstations at the perfect height and with all the necessary features. These structures are adjustable, portable, adaptable, and more cost-effective compared to a pre-fabricated stand-up workstation.

2. Improve Lead Time with U-Shaped Workstations 

Cellular production plays a crucial role in lean manufacturing, which is known to significantly enhance the efficiency of a production line. For instance, in the aerospace industry, the implementation of U-shaped workstation layouts has led to a reduction in customer lead times by up to 90% in certain cases.

But what makes the U-cell workstation layout so efficient? The reason is that the product can move swiftly from one operation to another, where the same worker can often carry out multiple tasks. U-cell stations consolidate operations, reduce floor space, minimize transport time from station to station, limit unnecessary steps, and reduce reach distances.

3. Adapt to Your Lean Manufacturing Needs with Custom Worktables

Worktables are often used as simple shop tables for assembly work. However, with material handling accessories from FlexMation, you create a working table that adapts to the needs of your employees.

When used as part of a lean manufacturing setup, worktables act as the central piece of the structure. They can then be customized with industrial workstation accessories such as ergonomic equipment, lighting, material handling, and much more.

4. Save Time and Energy with Task-Relevant Work Centers

Centralized work center structures are essential hubs designed to provide workers with easy access to work instructions and KPI information. These stations should group similar operations by cost or activity type for efficient operations. The primary advantage of this structure is that workers save time as they do not have to walk long distances to access information about an operation; it is readily available nearby.

5. ESD-Safe Workstations for Electronic Components 

ESD, an abbreviation for Electrostatic Dissipative, refers to a workstation that possesses anti-static characteristics. It is particularly beneficial for manufacturers that deal with electronic and electric components. Building an ESD workstation is not necessarily more complicated or expensive than building a more common workstation. However, if you’re interested in ESD workstations, you should always select ESD-compliant parts to ensure the safety of your electronic components.

Discover Custom-Designed Workstations from FlexMation 

FlexMation has designed over 6,000 customized industrial workstations and has thousands of satisfied clients ranging from small industrial shops to world-class manufacturers, universities, and research labs. We can help you with workstation design whether you have a complete drawing or are just starting out. Let’s work together to build the perfect workstation for your needs. Contact our office today for a free quote and to learn more about how FlexMation exceeds lean manufacturing goals.

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