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Using Error-Proofing Tools to Achieve Perfect Manufacturing

3 Tips for Preventing Errors in Manufacturing

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Precision is everything in manufacturing. Customers want products that are accurate to their exact specifications and they want them done right the first time. On top of all that, customers want things done on-time, often within tight deadlines.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do everything manually these days. You now have the option to use error-proofing tools to help ensure a simplified, streamlined manufacturing process that results in high-quality products and satisfied customers.

Error-Proofing Tools Help Companies By

3 Types of Error-Proofing Tools to Consider

1) Pick-to-Light: These systems help speed up the picking process in warehouses. In a hectic environment with a large number of shelves and bins, it can be tedious to find products and parts.

Pick-to-light technology uses a system of indicator lights to point out SKU numbers for employees to accelerate picking time. Learn more here.

2) Light Guided Assembly (LGS): An LGS takes step-by-step instructions to a new level. To simplify it, the system presents details of the assembly on a screen and projects light or a symbol to the correct parts bin, and then onto the workpiece showing where the work is to happen. Learn more here.

3) Digital Assistance Validation (DAVS): These tools, such as Smart Klaus, are used during assembly and end-of-line inspection.

Employees have a monitor at their workstation that guides them through each step of assembly. Meanwhile, a camera monitors each step and must approve each step before allowing the process to continue. Learn more about how a DAVS works.

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