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Visit FlexMation at MinnPack 2021

Come Find FlexMation at MinnPack 2021

Exciting news—FlexMation will be attending the 2021 MDM/MinnPack show at the Minneapolis Convention Center from November 3rd-4th! We’ll be located in Booth 730 and will be showcasing equipment that helps improve assembly areas and manufacturing processes.

Smart Klaus Demonstration

John Johnson, Founder of Electronic Assembly Products LTD, will be with us to present demonstrations of Smart Klaus technology. Smart Klaus is an error-proofing system that improves manufacturing through quality assurance and error prevention. John will cover:

1) Medical device and kit packaging. If medical devices and kits aren’t put together correctly or contain too few components, that’s a huge problem. It’s critical that all of the parts and pieces are in a package for proper functionality and traceability.

John will provide a demonstration of the assembly of a critical medical test kit package. This demo will include taking individual components and packaging them into a container and then tracking the package with a serial number to ensure FDA compliance that the proper pieces and parts are in the container.

2) A printed circuit board (PCB) will be displayed along with a demonstration on how to assemble THT components with no errors with the help of Smart Klaus.

Hovmand Demonstration

One big way to keep your crew happy, healthy and productive is to increase their lifting capabilities while reducing their back strain. Hovmand lifting carts combine strong lifting ability (from 150 to 600 lbs.) with easy movement to help manage a variety of different loads. This reduces manual effort and prevents injuries!

Paul Koziczynski of Lean Factory America will join us to explain how Hovmand lifters help workers. Paul will be providing a demonstration of automatic lifting assists, specifically for handling reels/rolls (film, plastic film, etc.).

Here’s a quick video overview of Hovmand Reel Lifters:

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At FlexMation, we aim to be trusted partners who advance your manufacturing performance. Simply put: We help you make things better, safer, faster, and smarter. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can improve your assembly process, please contact us today!

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