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Why Should You Consider Modular Solutions for Lean Manufacturing?

Manufacturers and warehouses are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency while keeping costs low. Although automation is a popular solution, implementing technology-heavy processes can be challenging, and calculating ROI can be complex. However, flexible material handling solutions can help facilities improve their workflow, providing a solid foundation for automation and empowering teams to work with existing resources. Modular systems offer versatile, low-cost, and robust assembly materials that can improve material handling. With modular solutions, facilities can design, build, and install material flow structures, resulting in quicker improvements.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider flexible, modular solutions before investing heavily in automation.

The Benefits of Implementing Modular Systems in Your Facility

Integrating automated systems can bring about a host of benefits, but it involves extensive planning and setup, and once integrated, they cannot be easily moved. A modular approach can help your company take baby steps towards an intuitive material handling system that can be set up much quicker, allowing you to reap the rewards sooner.

A few of the most enticing benefits of going modular may include the following:

Make the Best Use of What You Have Available

When you choose to implement flexible, modular systems, you gain the advantage of making near-immediate changes on the warehouse floor. And unlike automated systems, you can get started on your project much sooner.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

One of the biggest reasons why owners and managers choose modular solutions over automated ones is that you can scale modular systems as your company grows or your needs change. If your end goal is to evolve into an automated state, modular solutions can make that transition easier and even evolve alongside you.

Optimize Processes Sooner Than Later

As we mentioned earlier, choosing a modular setup allows you to get started quickly and easily. What that boils down to is that your facility can begin making changes now while still having the ability to optimize as needed.  

Setup Lean Initiatives Before Investing

Modular systems are both cost-effective and flexible, meaning you have the chance to align and optimize important lean processes early on. Once those processes are up and running, you can begin thinking about investing in automation since you already have a clear pathway to success defined.

Get Automated Benefits at Lower Prices

Flexible material systems give you many of the same benefits that you would get by going the automated route – such as more efficient processes and enhanced material flow – at lower prices. As we mentioned earlier, having these benefits at lower prices can help you become more efficient both now and in the future, even if you’re looking ahead to an automated system.  

Three Popular Flexible Material Handling Solutions from FlexMation

If your warehouse or facility is primed for modular handling solutions, FlexMation is ready to help every step of the way. In addition to providing support for your team, FlexMation offers a long list of products that will fit in perfectly for your flexible future. Here are just a few of our most popular flexible solutions to improve your lean manufacturing.

Industrial Workstations and Lean Workcells

Industrial workstations, workbenches, and lean workcells are crucial equipment in your manual production area, and fortunately, they happen to be our specialty! The design process begins with a comprehensive Q&A session where we delve into your project goals. It’s not just about a workbench; it’s about enhancing productivity, promoting growth, and ensuring employee well-being.

By identifying the essence of your motivation, we can provide better recommendations along the way. The outcome? A solution that is exclusively yours, tailored to your product, your team, and their responsibilities. The possibilities are practically endless.

Tugger Carts

If you are manually pushing heavy carts or frequently using a forklift, a compact push-pull assist could be the solution to optimize your material flow. These push-pull assists (also known as push-pull assistants or “tuggers”) are suitable for various applications, ranging from medical to industrial to high-tech sectors.

Gravity Flow Racks

Also called FIFO and Supermarket racks, flow racks are essential if you’re looking to improve material flow on your facility floor. Flow racks from FlexMation can be used to store overflow products, free up floor space, and make products more accessible. They can also be used to create a tailored material setup that improves flow in and around work areas.

Trust FlexMation for Your Lean Manufacturing Needs

FlexMation strives to be a reliable partner and supporter in enhancing your manufacturing performance. We specialize in designing customized industrial workstations, FIFO racks, carts, and other equipment to enhance productivity and safety in industrial, manufacturing, and high-tech environments. Our goal is simple: we aim to assist you in performing your job with greater efficiency, safety, speed, and intelligence.

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