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Here’s Why FlexMation Is Better Than 80/20 Aluminum

Why Choose FlexMation Aluminum Over 80/20 Aluminum?

We hear people say “that 80/20 stuff” a lot. People use it as a synonym for modular aluminum extrusions or T-slot aluminum framing. But really, 80/20 aluminum is a brand and not the only option available.

A Quick Backstory

The modular aluminum extrusion system was developed by the Bosch Company back in the 1960s. Other manufacturers picked up on the idea over the years including 80/20, which was launched in the late 1980s. They did such a good job establishing a product line and marketing their brand that their name became synonymous with modular aluminum extrusions in general.

Choosing FlexMation Modular Aluminum Over 80/20 Aluminum

80/20 has distributors to sell their aluminum out of Indiana. While the product itself is good, there can be complications with the process itself.

First, the product is hard to get right now. This is true across many industries for numerous goods, including aluminum. The reality is that 80/20 can’t get their product out as much as they want to. Second, distributors of 80/20 aluminum don’t have to inventory products or have engineering resources for their customers or even have shop workers on staff. These simply aren’t requirements for their process.

With these points in mind, here’s why you should choose FlexMation over 80/20:

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